filipino style avocado shake

Filipino Style Avocado Shake

This Filipino Style Avocado Shake is very nutritious and rich in vitamins. The perfect combination of richness and healthiness makes the avocado delicious for a refreshing shake, especially during summer time. My family and friends really love this creamy, thick and delicious shake when I prepare it at home. Of course, this is also an […]

Adobong pugo-1

Spicy Adobong Pugo (Quail in Spiced Sauce)

If we talk about a favorite exotic or poultry dish in the Philippines, I definitely believe that many Filipinos love the Spicy Adobong Pugo (Quail in Spiced Sauce). This is actually more popular for most Filipino men out there, especially those who are beer or liquor drinkers. This kind of dish is likewise a perfect […]

black gulaman and sago

Black Gulaman and Sago (Tapioca Pearls) Cooler

If we talk about one of the Filipino favorite beverages for all occasion, this cold and enjoyable drink known as Black Gulaman and Sago (Tapioca Pearls) Cooler is the best choice, not only during summer months. In the Philippines, it is common to see different vendors on this favorite beverage bringing their containers and selling […]