gotong batangas

Gotong Batangas or Batangas Goto (Innards and Tripe Soup)

For people who had tastes the Gotong Batangas, they can refers this one as a delicious tripe soup. However, it is not a typical kind of Goto recipe because it does not contain rice on the main ingredients. It is very similar to another all-time Filipino dish called Papaitan, which uses ingredients such as innards […]


Sinampalukang Native na Manok sa Palayok (Chicken in Tamarind Soup)

When rainy seasons come, one of my favorite original Filipino dishes is Sinampalukang Native na Manok sa Palayok (Chicken in Tamarind Soup). This actually very similar to the other authentic mild sour-tasting soup in many Filipino recipes, but what makes this soup special is that I love using pure Tamarind broth than the available artificial […]

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Nilagang Baka (Pure Beef Boiled Soup)

When talking about the different beef recipes in the Philippines, we surely cannot deny that the Pure Beef Boiled Soup (Nilagang Baka) is among the best choices. Definitely, this particular recipe is delectable to eat and many Filipinos enjoy this anytime of the day. Of course, this type of beef soup is best during cold […]