Adobong pugo-1

Spicy Adobong Pugo (Quail in Spiced Sauce)

If we talk about a favorite exotic or poultry dish in the Philippines, I definitely believe that many Filipinos love the Spicy Adobong Pugo (Quail in Spiced Sauce). This is actually more popular for most Filipino men out there, especially those who are beer or liquor drinkers. This kind of dish is likewise a perfect […]

roasted turkey

Traditional Charcoal Roasted Turkey

In the United States, many Americans each year are celebrating the Thanksgiving Day as part of their bountiful living. They had been enjoying this particular annual event and many family units are spending time, enjoying the day and serving different types of foods on their tables. Of course, one of the most popular dishes they […]

native duck

Deep Fried Native Duck in Pineapple Sauce

One of my favorite sweet dishes is the Deep Fried Native Duck in Pineapple Sauce. This is easier to prepare because the ingredients are always available and the taste is delectable. Aside from including it on the main dishes, this is also a great appetizer for people who love to drink beer or wine. Like […]