pork hardinera

Pork Hardinera or Jardinera (Ground Pork Meatloaf)

If you love to cook and eat the popular Filipino dish Embotido, you will definitely be interested to learn how to cook the delicious Pork Hardinera (made of ground pork). When preparing this yummy pork dish that is an original recipe from Quezon Province, the entire procedure is easy to follow and the ingredients are […]

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Eggplant Omelet or Tortang Talong (Filipino Cooking Style)

Eggplant is a very flexible type of vegetable and this is probably the reason why many Filipinos love eating it. Of course, when talking about a delicious recipe made primarily with eggplant, this is certainly the Eggplant Omelet (popular in Philippines as Tortang Talong). Regardless of what particular mealtime you want to eat, this is […]