Kinilaw na Kambing

Kinilaw Na Kambing (Goat’s Skin and Meat in Vinegar)

In the Philippines, one of the most popular and exotic appetizers to enjoy when drinking a favorite beer, liquor or organic beverage is the Kinilaw na Kambing or Goat’s skin and meat in vinegar sauce. This is actually a rare kind of dish because we all know that goat is an expensive type of animal […]


Adobong Bayawak (Stewed Monitor Lizard)

One of the most intriguing exotic foods in the Philippines is Adobong Bayawak (Stewed Monitor Lizard). Definitely, this particular dish is delicious and many Filipinos truly love this during occasions because it is a perfect combination for beer or wine lovers out there. Although not many people would agree to eat such exotic or unusual […]


Delicious Adobong Balut with Tofu

One of the most challenging exotic foods in the Philippines for most tourists is Balut (fertilized duck egg). Usually, they challenge themselves to eat the boiled fertilizer duck egg by cracking the shell, sipping the juice and eating the small embryo of the duck inside. But if we talk about the best alternative to eat […]

filipino dish - kamaru

Exotic Adobong Kamaru (Sauté Mole or Rice Field Crickets)

As a Filipino and a native of Pampanga, I definitely experienced eating some of the best exotic foods in our province. When talking about my favorites, this certainly includes the Adobong Kamaru (Sauté Mole or Rice Field Crickets). This is one of the best Kapampangan delicacies and many tourists who visit my hometown are curious […]