Beef Oxtail Kare Kare (Stewed Beef Oxtail)

If you are searching for a perfect dish to celebrate a special occasion or for a simple dinner with the whole family, the best choice to consider is the delicious Beef Oxtail Kare Kare (Stewed Beef Oxtail). In my own experience, this is the best dish I loved to prepare for my family especially for […]

filipino dishes - Pinakbet

Pinakbet or Pakbet (Sauté Mixed Veggies)

Another great Filipino recipe that is very popular in Region 1 is Pinakbet or Pakbet (sauté mixed veggies), which is a nutritious type of vegetable dish because it consists of different veggies with a twist. When talking about the added ingredient that can boost the taste and deliciousness of this recipe, you can actually include […]

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Eggplant Omelet or Tortang Talong (Filipino Cooking Style)

Eggplant is a very flexible type of vegetable and this is probably the reason why many Filipinos love eating it. Of course, when talking about a delicious recipe made primarily with eggplant, this is certainly the Eggplant Omelet (popular in Philippines as Tortang Talong). Regardless of what particular mealtime you want to eat, this is […]