Privacy Policy

This website does not allow releasing personal information from any third party, nor does keep published information during the actual visit of the readers and users. The exact intention is to observe the performance of published content, information and images through determining the cookies (Internet beacons), which the users and readers can easily turn off when they change the setting of the active browser.

The owner of this dependable site is not responsible for any incorrect republished content, information or images viewed here from other relevant web sites, social media networks or related blogs without a legal agreement.

Regarding the existing advertisements or promotional materials, they originate from reputable businesses/advertising firms that offer quality products and services using the Internet. The advertisements or promotional materials can include cookies to help in monitoring the actual information from the users and readers, which and the serving businesses or advertising firms also require.

This dependable website has the authority to access all active Internet cookies, but does not disregard the privacy of the users that include those coming from the EU region.