roasted turkey

Traditional Charcoal Roasted Turkey

In the United States, many Americans each year are celebrating the Thanksgiving Day as part of their bountiful living. They had been enjoying this particular annual event and many family units are spending time, enjoying the day and serving different types of foods on their tables. Of course, one of the most popular dishes they […]

black gulaman and sago

Black Gulaman and Sago (Tapioca Pearls) Cooler

If we talk about one of the Filipino favorite beverages for all occasion, this cold and enjoyable drink known as Black Gulaman and Sago (Tapioca Pearls) Cooler is the best choice, not only during summer months. In the Philippines, it is common to see different vendors on this favorite beverage bringing their containers and selling […]

ham casserole

Ham Casserole Filipino Style

This creamy Ham Casserole Filipino Style is an easy and simple recipe that everyone loves to eat.  Of course, the ingredients are easily to prepare and buy on the market because they are accessible. Within just 5 minutes, you can actually complete the cooking of this creamy and delicious ham casserole. This is likewise a […]

fruit salad

Filipino Fruit Salad

Filipino Fruit Salad is an easy and a quick dessert that is perfect for the upcoming Holiday Seasons. This sweet treat uses condensed milk, nestle cream and canned fruit cocktail, which make it sweeter and creamier. Of course, all the ingredients are available in most supermarkets to complete the preparation. It is important to serve […]