Sinampalukang Native na Manok sa Palayok (Chicken in Tamarind Soup)

When rainy seasons come, one of my favorite original Filipino dishes is Sinampalukang Native na Manok sa Palayok (Chicken in Tamarind Soup). This actually very similar to the other authentic mild sour-tasting soup in many Filipino recipes, but what makes this soup special is that I love using pure Tamarind broth than the available artificial […]


Delicious Adobong Balut with Tofu

One of the most challenging exotic foods in the Philippines for most tourists is Balut (fertilized duck egg). Usually, they challenge themselves to eat the boiled fertilizer duck egg by cracking the shell, sipping the juice and eating the small embryo of the duck inside. But if we talk about the best alternative to eat […]


Kilawin or Kinilaw na Fresh Tanigue (Fish Ceviche)

When talking about one of the most favorite appetizers (Pulutan in Tagalog) of many beer drinkers out the like me, I never disregard the flavorful Kilawin na Fresh Tanigue (Fish Ceviche). This type of fish has a soft meat and very delicious when prepared with this type of raw dish. Some countries called it Wahoo, […]