filipino dish - kamaru

Exotic Adobong Kamaru (Sauté Mole or Rice Field Crickets)

As a Filipino and a native of Pampanga, I definitely experienced eating some of the best exotic foods in our province. When talking about my favorites, this certainly includes the Adobong Kamaru (Sauté Mole or Rice Field Crickets). This is one of the best Kapampangan delicacies and many tourists who visit my hometown are curious […]

filipino dish - lumpiang ubod

Lumpiang Ubod (Heart of Palm in Eggroll Wrapper)

In the Philippines, one of the most favorite and delicious food choices is the Lumpiang Ubod (Heart of Palm in Eggroll Wrapper) from the coconut tree. Of course, this is also my favorite because it is healthful and delicious. The most interesting factor about this particular recipe is that the Heart of Palm will only […]

filipino dish - yema

Yema Sweet Treat (Filipino Cooking Style)

Filipinos are popular because of their numerous exotic and authentic food choices. This is the reason why millions of tourists worldwide are visiting this tropical Asian country all year round. Besides service the best food choices, Filipinos also are popular when it comes to cooking delectable sweet treats and delicacies. Just like the delicious Yema […]

filipino dish - sisig

Original Pork Sisig Recipe (Kapampangan Style)

As a Filipino and an original Kapampangan, I definitely know how to prepare and cook our Original Sisig recipe. This is actually a trademark of the Pampangenos and despite the available variations when cooking this delicious pork dish, the original recipe of the late “Aling Lucing” remains the most favorite option today. To prove its […]

native duck

Deep Fried Native Duck in Pineapple Sauce

One of my favorite sweet dishes is the Deep Fried Native Duck in Pineapple Sauce. This is easier to prepare because the ingredients are always available and the taste is delectable. Aside from including it on the main dishes, this is also a great appetizer for people who love to drink beer or wine. Like […]