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Nilagang Baka (Pure Beef Boiled Soup)

When talking about the different beef recipes in the Philippines, we surely cannot deny that the Pure Beef Boiled Soup (Nilagang Baka) is among the best choices. Definitely, this particular recipe is delectable to eat and many Filipinos enjoy this anytime of the day. Of course, this type of beef soup is best during cold […]

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Eggplant Omelet or Tortang Talong (Filipino Cooking Style)

Eggplant is a very flexible type of vegetable and this is probably the reason why many Filipinos love eating it. Of course, when talking about a delicious recipe made primarily with eggplant, this is certainly the Eggplant Omelet (popular in Philippines as Tortang Talong). Regardless of what particular mealtime you want to eat, this is […]

pork steak

Pork Steak (Filipino Cooking Style)

Pork Steak (Filipino cooking style) is a very and delicious recipe that presents a wonderful taste. Because the preparation of this dish is not difficult, even a newbie person can learn how cook by following the exact procedure and instruction. Usually, the preparation and cooking time may need at least 30-40 minutes depending on the […]